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Food and 饮料

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From master planning to construction, “诱导多能性”食物 & 饮料 provides superior-quality, anticipatory support for a vast range of sectors in the industry, including chocolate, 坚果, 面包店, 糕点, 肉, 面粉, 糖, 乳制品, dressings and sauces, 啤酒, 酒, 营养品, and functional ingredients.

We are constantly investing in expert process engineers and investigating new sectors, and our innovation division is at your disposal for product or process development.

Our areas of focus include

行业4.0 .

Otherwise known as digital transformation. In building the “factories of the future,” we help companies future-proof their businesses and reduce their costs by 20-50%.

Natural and health food segments

“诱导多能性”食物 & 饮料 supports its customers to implement best practices and receive certifications in emerging sectors such as vegan, 无谷蛋白, 有机, 等.

食品安全 & 食物防御

We guarantee that we can help our customers to achieve high standards in hygiene and can assist in their demanding IFS BRC ISO22000 certification procedures.

Over the course of any given project, we manage budgets as a team and face contingencies with a high degree of flexibility, especially in terms of permitting. We implement the best strategic procurement with our customers, 合作伙伴, and suppliers in order to have incomparable value-for-money payback. 最重要的是, we build strong relationships with our clients, with the aim to anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.

食品安全 & 食物防御

食品安全 entails proper food storage, sanitization of tools and workspaces, and heating and cooling to adequate temperatures.

食物防御 is the protection of food products from contamination or adulteration by biological, 化学, 物理, or radiological agents. It also entails 物理, personnel, and operational security.

“诱导多能性”食物 & 饮料 engineers can support you in designing new lines or buildings—including equipment protective design, 流动分离, 访问控制, and protective infrastructures design—to mitigate risk. All safety and defense measures are integrated upstream to achieve uncompromising standards for hygiene. We can also assist our customers with their demanding IFS BRC ISO22000 certification procedures.


Build a new warehouse and manufacturing facility for a beloved Spanish brand


Industrial Design Meets Emotional Insight

Idilia食物, the parent company of instant chocolate beverage Cola Cao and chocolate-nut spread Nocilla, is a well known and much-beloved Spanish multinational. 他们的甜蜜, high-quality breakfast foods and snacks are staple items in the Spanish pantry and have been enjoyed by generations.

A Refreshing Change:

Saving water and setting a new standard for 达能


大发黄金手机版 recently partnered with 达能 production facility in Rotselaar, Belgium to help make their "One Planet, One Health" vision a reality. Via a mix of technological innovation and strategic consultancy, IPS helped the leading multi-national food company develop a water reuse system that saves 500 million liters of water annually in this drought-ravaged region. 这个项目, 下面所列, represents a milestone in how companies can lessen their environmental impact.


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Production line improvements

Continental Bakeries Bel.

Ohio Distribution Center

Anheuser Busch Columbus

2 new production lines

Interwaffles NV (Lotus Bakeries)


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